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About us

Our company was established with the goal of providing young, ambitious individuals with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through internships in Dubai. 

We understand the importance of having hands-on experience in a professional setting, Especially in a global and dynamic city like Dubai. We believe that interning in Dubai can be a life-changing opportunity for young people and companies that can be beneficial for both parties, as it allows for the exchange of ideas and the development of valuable skills and connections.

We understand that interning in Dubai can be a daunting experience, which is why we’re here to help. By interning in Dubai, young people have the opportunity to improve their language skills, gain new experiences, enter the workforce, discover an innovative environment, and make connections that can benefit them for the rest of their career.

The team

Ariane Moersch

Founder, Chief Executife Officer

Dennis Cracknell

Chief Operation Officer, Business Relationship Manager

Zohal Oriachel

Communication Manager

Irina Hartmann

Social Media Manager

Our support

We will help you navigate the challenges of organizing internships in Dubai. We offer our support to ensure a smooth recruitment process, from acclimating interns to a new environment to coordinating logistics. Trust us to make sure your interns have an unforgettable experience and help you reach your goals.

Step 1

We find the suitable intern based on the required qualifications for the position offered by your company. We conduct all interviews and review the resume. If we have found a suitable intern, we will forward the resume for your review.

Step 2

After you have reviewed the resume and are satisfied with the intern, please confirm this via email with the period of time during which you will be employing the intern. Afterwards, you will receive an individual link through which you can book the placement and pay the handling fee. If you need support with the visa application, we will connect you with a professional agency for a quick and smooth process.

Step 3

After the handling fee has been paid, you will receive a confirmation with all important details and the intern’s contact information. Please send us all instructions and contacts so that the intern knows when and where to be and who is responsible for them. After the internship is successfully completed on the agreed upon date, please provide the intern with a certificate or reference.

Do you want to become a partner?

In our partnership we will connect you with enthusiastic Europeans that want to extend their knowledge in a foreign company. Most of our applicants are students or young adults that just finished school/university. We offer a full placement process that makes intern recruitment easy.

your benefits:


The compensation of the interns is determined by you as the host company. It is your decision whether or not to compensate the interns and if so, the amount. Some companies also offer additional benefits such as housing or other perks.


Handling Fee

We evaluate the interns based on the required qualifications, conduct all interviews, take care of the organization and prepare the interns perfectly. For this, we charge a handling fee of $467 USD plus VAT, including follow-up and satisfaction guarantee.

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